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Thread: My 2010 S1000RR Sport

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    Re: My 2010 S1000RR Sport

    Cool thanks. I am excited to have a tinker with the suspension setup. I thought i'd leave it until its first track session then once i've got it how I want it there I'll work backwards from that for the road. If that makes sense...

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    Re: My 2010 S1000RR Sport

    Nice buy!

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    Re: My 2010 S1000RR Sport

    Congratulations on your awesome new RR, loving those Dymag carbon wheels!

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    Re: My 2010 S1000RR Sport

    Nice sled. I also have a first year s1000rr since day one with about 35k use it for commuting and enjoy it very much , factory bike except for bars and chain wheel's.

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