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    little johnny

    new young supply teacher walks into a class of 8 year olds

    "hello kids my name is miss Jones and i'm your new teacher for the next few days, todays lesson is maths"

    "so kids, farmer Giles looks out of his window and see's 3 crows sitting on his fence, Farmer Giles gets his shotgun and shoots 1 of the crows, how many are left?"

    little johnny's hand goes straight up

    "I know miss" says johnny

    and you are?

    " i'm Johnny miss" "well Johnny how many are left?" says the teacher

    " Zero miss, there are no crows left"

    No johnny, not quite right, 3 crows on the fence 1 that's 1 crow gets shot how many are left?

    Non miss there are still no crows left

    No johnny, 3 - 1 = 2, there are 2 crows left

    no miss, there are non, cause when the farmer fires his gun the other 2 are going to fly off so there are non left

    lol that's not quite right Johnny but I like the way you're thinking

    Well I have 1 for you miss says johnny

    3 women walking down the road with a lollipop in their mouths, 1 is chewing it, 1 is sucking it, and 1 is biting it, which 1 is married says johnny?

    the teacher goes red with embarrassment, and quietly says " the 1 who is sucking it?"

    Johnny says " sorry miss, I canny hear what your saying"

    the teacher says" the 1 that's sucking it johnny?"

    no miss the 1 with the wedding ring on but " I'M LIKING THE WAY YOUR THINKING"

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