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Thread: KTM 1290 Superduke R

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    Re: KTM 1290 Superduke R

    Quote Originally Posted by MacRR View Post
    Nice one Phil, let us all know how you get on with it once you got some miles under your belt.
    So a quick update,
    I now have 8200 miles on my Superduke GT and I can honestly say that I love his bike.
    I rode home from a 3 day trip to Devon last Wednesday, it was raining, a friend of mine was leading so was a little slower than I would normally ride and I got to think how good this bike really is, riding slow, through traffic, through towns, along dual carriageways, on single track roads, real twisty B roads, fast B roads and even Faster A roads this KTM Superduke GT does it all and most importantly extremely well.
    The bike turns real fast and feels light even 2 up.
    Engine is a peach, so much power all over the rev range and very easy to ride quick without revving the nuts off. Being smoooth is the key to a great ride.
    The gear box is good, quickshifter works very well and with such a light clutch I dont mind having to use it for down shifting.
    Heated grips are the best ive every had on any Bike ever. I have no turbulance from the screen. Seats are comfortable and are the heated versions. Panniers look good, well as good as Panniers can look, chain has never been adjusted yet and still looks like new. The mirrors are reasonable although vibrate a little when on the gas.
    I have now figured out the how the suspension works and changes while on the gas and when off the gas, its not fantastic but good enough (better than the BMW XR).
    The Pirelli Angel GT's are up to the job, on my 2nd set now and wont bother fitting anything stickier. Have not thought of going on track, might do a few laps next year.
    The only downside to this bike is that the bike is hard to clean with so many nooks and crannies, I was advised to use a paint brush to agitate the hard to get too/awkward nooks etc and this works well.
    My full beam switch stopped working but was an easy fix at the dealers, and the side stand had a small issue which again was sorted in 5 mins at the dealers.

    Would I buy another? Without doubt, YES!
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