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Thread: S1000rr meet.

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    S1000rr meet.

    Is anyone up for a meet up at our Hinckley workshop. We'll get a burger van in and give somebody a free remap and dyno time, get to leer at each others bikes and generally talk a bit of bollocks about motorcycles and have a great time. Let's see how much interest there is and we'll get it together.

    HT motorcycles.

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    Re: S1000rr meet.

    I must have literally just been past your front door. Just popped up to Moto Central and rode all the way down the A5. I didn't know you were there mate. I'll pop in one day for a nosy!

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    Re: S1000rr meet.

    my bike is still with bmw or i'd have been out and about and happy to nip down... my old boss lives if kirby mallory and owe him a visit too...

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