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Thread: Custom Accessory power cables

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    Custom Accessory power cables

    I'm going to start making cables for various accessories to attach to the S1000 (or other models)

    The basic design attaches directly to the battery, routes up the side of the bike, plugs into the socket above the horn (the one for the ir receiver) and has a positive and negative wire for connecting your accessories.

    The advantages of my lead over just plugging into the socket or connecting directly to the battery are that you could draw up to 20A of current for multiple accessories and the power source is switched live with the ignition. No need to worry about unplugging things to stop them draining the batt, no worry about the canbus 'tripping out' if you draw too much current.

    I also have some usb transformers that I can supply already connected so you don't need to worry about soldering. The usb transformers are waterproof but the socket at the end isn't. I'm looking into waterproof covers. Or I can supply glue lined heat shrink so you could (semi)permanently attach an iPhone lead (or similar) and that would be waterproof.

    I can supply canbus plugs for gen 3 bikes for 10 delivered. I sell them on eBay for 11, 10 to you guys every little helps

    The price for the basic cable is 25 delivered. This includes a oem connector, relay, fuse and a loom long enough to reach the head stock. All high quality components put together professionally (completely waterproof)

    Here are a couple of pictures I took whilst making the prototype cable for Soof. Once I make the next one I'll take photos and make some instructions for fitting/routing.

    Feel free to send me a pm or post here with what you need and we can discuss the best configuration to suit. Whether you need a usb or just a live with ignition (or both). I would also be willing to solder your accessory for you if you posted it to me.

    *I am currently waiting for more stock of the oem connectors as I ran out last week so there may be a short delay before I can start making these.
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    Re: Custom Accessory power cables

    Hi I'm after a charger for my I phone so can use the nav. Can u supply me a cable to do so for my gen1 at all If so how much. Thank u

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    Re: Custom Accessory power cables

    Would this fit an HP4 or is it Gen 3 only?

    Thanks Jordan

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