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  1. Mutl3y

    Part For Sale BMW leathers (2 piece)

    Hi all, my mate is moving house so is having a clear-out, Size 50 uk jacket with matching 38 inch waiste bottoms. hes looking for around £200. anyone interested let me know and ill pm you his phone number. cheers Mut
  2. Mutl3y

    Hire Vans

    its BTC van hire in wokingham, berkshire bud, i think its real good value
  3. Mutl3y

    Hire Vans

    can i ask what these companies charge? i pay ?71 a day pick up around 4 day before and take back at 8 day after, gives me time to load up and drive down/up the night before. mut
  4. Mutl3y

    Tank pad residue

    was going to say something similar as this ^^^ as the tank should be resistant to petrol due to any spillage when filling Mut
  5. Mutl3y

    WSBK and BSB coverage

    recorded this ^^^ and subscribe to eurosport for ?6.99 for Worlds ans cast to TV. dont mind the ?6.99 works out quite well if anything else i want to watch aswell. Mut
  6. Mutl3y

    1 piece leathers

    i went from A Stars smx plus to the A Stars supers and wished i stayed with the SMX plus. well comfy. Any one know if there is any standard these boots get tested to like the sharp helmet tests? Mut
  7. Mutl3y

    Gen 4 track bike

    Thats a nice looking bike fer sure Mut
  8. Mutl3y

    First Euro Trip - Portimao 25 June ' 22

    i only ever used Dunlops, the D212s as Alex stated however last time out in Nov in Andalucia i used the Metzeller TD slick. I run mid inters so not the fastest kiddie on the block but had no issues what so ever. Also you dont need to use tyre warmers if you dont want to (i did). Totally...
  9. Mutl3y

    Heating a brick built single garage

    issue with IR is that they are directional focussed, so if you directly in front of then bobs ya uncle, outside of the direction not so good in my experience. also i got rid of mine due to the inconsistency of the IR on your body long term. Mut
  10. Mutl3y

    Trickle charging gen4 lithium

    yep this ^^^^
  11. Mutl3y

    Gen 4 track advice

    i would put engine crash protection on, carbon frame covers , radiator guard, brake fluid change , maybe brake pads, and spend the rest on track time and tuition. yes it does look nice to have a tricked up bike but you already have a tricked up bike good enough for any of us mere mortals. jmho Mut
  12. Mutl3y

    Bike's gone

    What Alex says really, its been pretty fluid over last year, think most people are using RBGSport(majority on last trip to Andalucia had this although i think medical/or repatriation insurance was only 30K if i remember right without looking). Just get on the dog and bone and give the companies...
  13. Mutl3y

    Waddya rekon ?

    i do get what you are saying Alex but you have to ask why these 3? do you think hes keeping some development stuff quiet? He has to have a plan this year after last year?
  14. Mutl3y

    Waddya rekon ?

    i think as they are roughly the same size and shape and 3 top riders the BM will come on well this coming season but i think Baz will be the surprise package :) mut
  15. Mutl3y

    Back protectors mandatory for track days

    Re: Airbag suppose you have to work it all out Rst suit ?800 ish ?20 a month for 6 month over 3 years = ?1160 A stars Suit is same i think ?7/800 A Stars vest ?1000 = ?1700/?1800 over 3 years Dainese suit not sure but guessing they aint cheap ?1700 ish with airbag included other costs are the...
  16. Mutl3y

    Back protectors mandatory for track days

    Dont quote me but i think the rst vest is basically the same as the ixon (same manufacturer), ?12 a month for the road algorithm, and for the track algorithm its ?20 a month. you can cancel the subscription any month you do not use so i guess its like a pay as you go service. mut
  17. Mutl3y

    Back protectors mandatory for track days

    i have an ixon air vest going if anyone interested never worn size large with extra canister Mut
  18. Mutl3y

    Carbon Fibre effect Wrap

    mate had this done on 675 a couple of years back, looked the nuts. mut
  19. Mutl3y

    Bike's gone

    when was this BBB, this year?
  20. Mutl3y

    Bike's gone

    ah ok, thx for feedback, some things to consider, cheers Alex mut