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  1. oldwobbler

    Alex's 2023 Gen 5

    I had the BMW rad guards. I thought they were great. I think I was the only one on the forum that liked them. Plastic so didn't chip or rust, held in place by the rest of the fairing. The best bit, they were thick, not flat sheet metal. The holes were big but because of the depth BMW had shaped...
  2. oldwobbler

    Sold my HP4

    Be interesting to see what you get next Stu. No pressure, but summer is apparently 20th to 27th April this year.
  3. oldwobbler

    German Austria Alpine Route

    The Vosges region has good riding, look up "Grand Ballons". Its worth doing some of the B500 but it's heavily policed and has a LOT of 50kmh sections now as a result of people heading to it specifically. Ironic really as they built it as a drivers road to attract tourists. There are better...
  4. oldwobbler

    BMW Tank Bag Small (1.5L)

    Nope, no scratches after 26K miles in all weathers. I just put a couple of patches of PPF where the bag sat. I hate the rigmarole of taking bags off every time you want to fill up.
  5. oldwobbler

    BMW Tank Bag Small (1.5L)

    ** sold ** via Facebook, I was certain someone on here would have been able to use this.
  6. oldwobbler

    Part For Sale 2023 bmw m1000R exhaust system for sale taken off my new bike as new

    I'll offer you £1. If you want more just reply "higher". Might take a while this.
  7. oldwobbler

    Faulty strut

    On Gen 3's if the battery terminals were not tight enough it would cause the lean angle indicator to disappear. So the first thing I'd check is are the battery terminals really tight?
  8. oldwobbler

    Rearsets -

    I put lightech on my Gen 3, limited edition ones engraved with S1000RR, I thought they looked stunning. Don't know if they do them for a Gen 4
  9. oldwobbler

    Worst jobs on these bikes

    Or give it to a garage to do and admire the techs knuckles as he hands you the keys back
  10. oldwobbler

    Worst jobs on these bikes

    You feel better now Alex??!!
  11. oldwobbler

    Annual Insurance Rant

    This is the first year in about 10 I've not renewed with BeMoto. I was with AXA through them previously but they told me AXA have dropped bike insurance. Could not get a quote with their current underwriters.
  12. oldwobbler

    Part For Sale Gen 4 standard seat

    Reduced to £80 delivered in the UK
  13. oldwobbler

    BMW Tank Bag Small (1.5L)

    Reduced to £45 delivered in the UK
  14. oldwobbler

    New to me S1000 RR

    I've only ever used the older style bags, the same as you. But since I've never had a bag fall off I'm tempted to stick with what I know works :D
  15. oldwobbler

    New to me S1000 RR

    I've only ever used ventura on the RR. Great kit. Probably goes without say but make sure to use plenty of locktight on the mounting bolts. I've had them vibrate loose in the past.
  16. oldwobbler

    Review: Fitting eazigrip paint protection kit

    I would second this
  17. oldwobbler

    Down shift assist?

    I understand the gen 4 cuts throttle when front brake is applied too. BMW had seen crash data that showed in some emergency braking situations, the rider (through poorly set up leavers) was rolling his wrist back in order to get fingers on the front brake lever. So instead of reacting and...