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17th March 2016, 02:39 PM
Not too sure where to put this but I am sure if it is in the wrong place it can be moved easily enough.

Well as most of you will be aware a couple of us were recently given the chance to take on the offer of a set of Metzeler Roadtec 01 tyres for an evaluation on the S1000RR. Having had them fitted and now that I have managed to put just touching 500 miles on them so far I thought it was about time that I actually put something on here.

What I intend to do is obviously keep racking the miles up and and at various stages update this to hopefully see how they get on over the life of the tyre and to naturally see at what point I also start to notice a performance drop and where possible trying to ride the bike under varying weather conditions to see how they react.

But to start with I think it's important to point out that these tyres are replacing a set of fairly well used Pirelli Super Corsa SC tyres with the front being an SC1 and the rear being a 200/55/17 SC2 so in that sense I have for obvious reasons had to try to make sure I don't be too critical in terms of how they handle and also more importantly grip the road overall.

What I will say though is that the Super Corsas as we all know, particularly the SC's are not best suited for the road and take a bit of warming up and can be absolutely awful in the wet so naturally the Roadtec's have a massive advantage in them conditions and obviously can be pushed quite a bit harder.

The tyres supplied are 120/70/17 75W TL front and a 190/55/17 75W TL rear.

Having requested from the supplier what the suggested tyre pressures to use were I was given 36psi (2.5bar) for the front and 42psi (2.9bar) for the rear.

The tyre pressures I intend to use as a guide whilst using the tyres, specifically because whilst I appreciate that it is a manufacturer recommended pressure I have never quite got on with running pressures that high and have generally always ended up reducing the pressure until I find that the bike offers a compliant and predictable feeling that feels natural to the way I ride. Generally on other manufacturers that have suggested the same sort of pressures I have always ended up somewhere in between 32-35 front and 35-39 rear.

Now whilst these tyres are replacing a set of Super Corsas on my BMW S1000RR I have not had the bike long but am fairly comfortable with it, immediately prior to getting this bike I had been riding a couple of Aprilia RSV1000's both of which were running Metzeler tyres, one had Sportec M5's and the other had new M7RR's and my intention when having got the BMW was to remove the Super Corsas and fit a set of M7RR's.

My reasons for that were simply because the M7RR's having had just over 1000 miles on them had proven to be absolutely fantastic on the road in both wet and dry conditions and every bit as good on the track (although there was an element of movement from the front that I wasn't expecting once the tyres got pushed harder and started to feel the heat), that being said I didn't expect them to handle quite as well as Super Corsas SC's but was pleasantly surprised by them to make me want another set on my BMW.

Having agreed to take the Roadtec 01's for a review I will admit to being a little nervous about how this type of tyre was going to feel, naturally all sport bike riders want to have that full on sport bike feeling but I tend to see myself as a relatively quick rider that matches what I am doing with the conditions well and I don't often push too far past what I am comfortable with so I decided to give them a try, and given that I live in Scotland there is more chance of me riding in the wet than any other weather so knowing that I have a set of tyres on that are designed for excellent grip in wet weather has to be a bonus.

So the first 500 miles and how they have been.

Well I am not going to jump and down and rave about them just yet purely because putting a new set of tyres on always feels like throwing a new pair of slippers on to me and you rightly don't know how they are going to feel until they start wearing in under normal use. What I will say though is that they have been used on all manner of muddy, greasy, damp and salty roads from Edinburgh down to Cumbria and all over the Borders of Scotland and have so far felt particularly good.

They warm up very quickly and even with the 36/42 psi pressures they feel pretty stable (if not a little too hard, but I expected that) under both cornering and heavy braking, the U shaped profile to the tyre which is a design of pretty much all sport touring tyres gives a more neutral feel to when rolling into a corner rather than the more aggresive V profile of sports tyres and it gave a very smooth transition when throwing multiple corners together in quick succession.

Under hard acceleration I felt the higher pressures didn't allow the bike to soak up as much of the road imperfections as I had hoped for and found the bike to be quite flighty in comparison to before the tyres were changed, a pressure change and a quick tweak of the compression and rebound settings is on the cards to see how they cope will hopefully allow me to comment more on that later.

But all in all a very good and very reassuring first 500 miles, I don't doubt they will be every bit as good if not better than the M7RR's I had previously when it comes to riding in the rain (the M7RR's managed fantastically in torrential downpours of biblical proportions last year!) and I am looking forward to seeing how they perform in warmer conditions on cleaner roads where I will naturally be pushing them harder.

No real criticisms so far other than to highlight and remind others that this is a Sports touring tyre and not an out and out Supersport tyre so the handling feels very neutral and based on compliance rather than throw it on it's side and fight it out of the corner which is what I found myself wanting to do at times. But that is my issue and not the tyres! :D

But as an alternative to a supersport tyre for those that like to munch the miles and in all conditions, I think these are going to show real promise, I certainly wouldn't rule another set out but then it is very early days so I will keep an open mind.

Hopefully with another 500 miles on them I will do another update and see how they are holding up in terms of wear, although I expect with their design they will still probably be looking relatively new.

17th March 2016, 02:56 PM
Awesome write up - just what was wanted :D

17th March 2016, 03:02 PM
Good write up Mick

17th March 2016, 03:04 PM
They are probably an ideal choice for the all year rider, who wants to run different summer and winter tyres.

17th March 2016, 03:12 PM
Thanks for the write-up....

17th March 2016, 08:50 PM
You've certainly set the bar high with that first review Mick :). Great job.

23rd March 2016, 10:32 PM

25th April 2016, 06:39 AM
Okay, so approximately 1200 miles in now on these tyres having covered the best part of 500 miles over the last 2 days.

Saturday was another trip to Hartside Cafe in Cumbria from Edinburgh, still particularly cold especially on the higher parts of the route with lots of damp road riding and the odd downpour which I took advantage of to see how the tyres would react. On the run down I used race mode but used slick for the run back.

Again the tyres got up to temperature very quickly as expected, I have found that these can be pushed quite hard within a couple of miles and regardless of whether it is dry, damp or wet there is a definite sure footed feeling to these when you first set off in the morning in comparison to your average sports bike tyre that you generally feel like you are tip toeing on for the first 10 minutes.

Out on the road I have been quite surprised at how much confidence they are building particularly when going from a bone dry road to a damp corner, and I have found myself rolling off far less than I would be doing if i had been on something with far less tread. In the damp there is an expected level of movement but it is manageable and on most occasions it's amounted to nothing more than a firm wriggle before the traction control did it's thing, in slick it was a slightly different story but i was hardly hanging the back out like Marc Marquez.

In the wet this tyres excels, I had no need whatsoever to drop the pace I was riding at and very soon I find myself riding on my own with the group having dropped right off the back, the wriggling that I was getting in the damp under harder acceleration now disappearing and the tyres responding well to relatively quick direction changes.

In the dry pushing to the limit of the tyre has been difficult as you would imagine on the road, but Sunday's ride from Edinburgh up to Tyndrum and then over to Oban before returning via Inverary and Crianlarich is a riders road as anyone that knows them roads will agree. A mixture of "lose your licence twice over" straights and "I wish I'd brought a Supermotard" corners that twist on for miles, it's fair to say that the few hundred miles that were ridden yesterday were more than a test for the tyres, the roads were bone dry and it was reasonably warm (that reads above freezing in Scotland still!) and everyone I was riding with were generally riding on sports or track biased tyres.

Nothing really to say other than I would have felt reasonably confident taking them on the track! Ok I wouldn't be breaking any lap records but under hard cornering with front wheel lifts and heavy braking with quick directional changes these tyres managed it all and were every bit inspiring on my S1000RR as they would be on anything else I have ridden.

One thing i did make a point of noting is that as expected they hold heat an awful lot longer than Sports tyres but far longer than I had expected, a half hour stop at the Hartside Cafe and my tyres were still vaguely warm to the touch in comparison to the stone cold sports tyres the others were using.

Conclusions over the weekend are that in the dry they work very well and are more than a match for sports tyres on the road, there will be a limit to reach but If you are looking to find it I suspect the bike will find your limit far quicker than you find the limit of the tyre in most cases, in the damp there is the expected squirming as the tyres find grip but it is manageable and certainly for me was far less concerning as when I have been on sports tyres and hit a corner only to find it's damp after having just done the last hour on dry roads. In the wet these tyres are a match for anything out there of that I have no doubt and where before I would have just looked to the heavens to have a quick moan about the rain, I instead found myself pushing the tyres to see how much feedback I could get from them and it was all good!

In terms of wear and now that they have around 1200 miles on them, most sports bike riders with close to 200bhp would now be thinking about finding the best price for their next rear tyre, the rear is showing signs of use under hard accleration but the wear is even and it's still looking like it's got another 5000 miles in it at least, the front has been to all but a couple of mm of the edge of the tyre but you would think it's just been scrubbed in.

25th April 2016, 07:51 AM
Another good update Mick, more convincing evidence that the vast majority of road riders on sports bikes would be much better off fitting tyres designed for the road and not thinking they need or should have ones designed for the track..

25th April 2016, 08:20 AM
I think we have all been guilty of throwing on the next best tyre to hit the market in the hope that they are somehow going to magically glue the bike to the road, I think what most of us need to realise and accept is that most of them tyres don't actually come into their own until they are pushed probably further than the limits of what the rider is capable of, losing traction isn't generally down to the tyre when it comes to riding on the road, it is normally down to what influence the rider has had on the bike :D

Granted there are occasions when a tyre can let go, but for the last 20 years most tyre models have been predicatable enough to at least warn you that you are getting close to that point.

Sure you can throw track scrubs on or the latest control superstock/supersport control tyre in the hope of it possibly improving your riding although I have to say if you are actually needing them to draw confidence then I would sooner spend the money on something like the California Superbike School and get some coaching on how to ride and feel what the bike is doing first and foremost as these Sports Touring tyres will do everything you ask of them short of trying to keep up with the latest track tyre on a track, even then us mere mortals will still get more than their monies worth out of a few track days running a set of these and without having to use warmers.

As a road tyre even for fast road these tyres are more than enough, however i'll hold off on a conclusion to that until the weather warms up and I start playing with tyre pressures as at the moment at 36/42 there is still a hint of them being too hard for me and it's not like the road temperature is soaring either, i suspect as the weather improves and the temperature of the roads creep up i'll be dropping these to around 33-34f & 38r which is generally where i get a good feel for everything underneath me, that being said i have dropped 2 stone since Xmas and am still losing weight steadily so that may not feel quite the same :D

25th April 2016, 08:50 AM
Nice write up Mick, I agree with the comments. :)

25th April 2016, 10:57 AM
Yup, great write up. I think if you have/want to ride through it all, these should be on the shopping list. In the UK absolute dry grip is kinda pointless.

25th April 2016, 05:11 PM
Great write up , I think I'll give them a go next time.

26th April 2016, 05:58 AM
Informative write up... last week I stuck a pair of M7RRs on thanks to the previous comments on the forum...

26th April 2016, 06:32 AM
Informative write up... last week I stuck a pair of M7RRs on thanks to the previous comments on the forum...

For me the M7RR's are the best all round tyres i have used if i am honest, i reckon the only difference between them and the Roadtec's are going to be the wear rate with the M7RR's being a softer tyre and designed with Sports bikes in mind rather than Sport Touring.

3rd May 2016, 11:00 AM
Mick, Stu, what PSI do you or did you run the M7's?
Just ordered a set and will be having them fitted this week when they arrive, in the hope of having some decent weather to test them out.

3rd May 2016, 02:45 PM
Maz, I never ran the M7RR's on my RR, I had Supercorsas on prior to the Roadtec 01's.

However I did run them on my Aprilia and used 33/36 on that :)

3rd May 2016, 08:05 PM
Mick, Stu, what PSI do you or did you run the M7's?
Just ordered a set and will be having them fitted this week when they arrive, in the hope of having some decent weather to test them out.

Maz Ive sat on mine at 36/42 since fitted..mind ive been away and done **** all really since ive been home as the weathers been totally shite..ill probably mess about between 2-6 psi see how it feels, the fronts always a teller for me.. my blades were quite succeptible at the front I could tell right away if it was needing a feed.

3rd May 2016, 08:10 PM
Yeah I'll give that a go the since you're ones are on the s1k. Is that the manufacture advisory PSI?

3rd May 2016, 08:12 PM
Yeah I'll give that a go the since you're ones are on the s1k. Is that the manufacture advisory PSI?

Mind ive an HP..aye am sure it is in the book...hold on m8 ill check

3rd May 2016, 08:19 PM
Cant find manual but sure it is...just tabbed thru old posts there..some guys dropped rear to 36... its just how it feels to you really.. its a wee bit different to me anyhow with the semi active suspension..I find the tyre pressures and responses harder to judge because of this. Ill play about 32f 36r see how that goes...if we get a dry day lol

3rd May 2016, 08:31 PM
Aye, suppose it's trial and error. The wheels are sitting of my bike ATM so when it rains I'm happy and don't feel done out a days riding lol

3rd May 2016, 08:37 PM
Aye, suppose it's trial and error. The wheels are sitting of my bike ATM so when it rains I'm happy and don't feel done out a days riding lol

Morra itll be streaming down then ull be like... jumpin ****... get they wheels ON ! Lol

3rd May 2016, 08:50 PM
Mate am waiting on tyres coming, this holiday weekend as messed the mail up. Away back to work on Friday aswell so it's looking like Thursday is my only chance.

7th May 2016, 05:33 PM
Just washed my machine... never seen this before when tyres wet, mind you these are new to me...this must be the firmer band on the crown area



7th May 2016, 08:45 PM
Mine does this Stu, i've got the M7RR's as well.

7th May 2016, 10:26 PM
Mine does this Stu, i've got the M7RR's as well.

Aye mate... never seen it before.. 2 CTs never showed that... gives me a bit of comfort tho.. I have to say these M7RRs are totally decent... felt really sure footed today... good purchase from good advice on here

8th May 2016, 10:40 AM
I saw it on a couple of sets of 2CT's years ago but it was a wavy line that you used to see on them, the harder compound is very prominent on the M7RR's :)

8th May 2016, 02:58 PM
I saw it on a couple of sets of 2CT's years ago but it was a wavy line that you used to see on them, the harder compound is very prominent on the M7RR's :)

For sure Mick

5th June 2016, 07:25 PM
Time for a bit of an update seeing as someone on here has decided to look at getting a set of these, and given that we seem to have finally got something worth calling sunshine here in the UK at the moment which is naturally going to take the wet weather performance out of the equation on these tyres for a bit (and possibly highlight issues that most of us tend to look for in whatever we throw on the bikes).

So the tyres have now done a little over 2300 miles, firstly i am a little surprised in myself for having done so many miles so far this year as i have not actually been getting out as much as i had aimed for but a trip to the North West 200 helped ramp the mileage up a bit.

Pretty much all the mileage since the last addition has been done on dry roads with the temperature having been a little warmer each time I have been out, certainly the last couple of rides including todays it has been around 20c and as you can imagine it has taken minutes to get the tyres up to temperature.

On appearance the rear tyre is showing no real signs of wear other than what is to be expected with that sort of mileage on a sports touring tyre, the wear is even with the centre clearly holding up well to the mileage, the front is not showing any real signs that it has done 2300 miles that is for sure and if it continues to wear like that then I would expect to realistically see triple that mileage out of it at the very least!

Grip wise the tyres have been working really well, there is no denying that they do not grip as well as the out and out sports compounds but for the most part they have been extremely predictable still and any traction control "moments" have purely arisen as a lack of control on the throttle (that reads being cack handed!), that being said if I hadn't have had them minor moments then I suppose there would be less to write about.

I have been able to push the tyres pretty much as hard as I have wanted and in some case probably harder than I would have wanted too and in doing so have managed to highlight some suspension issues that I have managed to sort out particularly on todays ride around Scotlands Central belt and whilst I was ready to argue that the tyres were possibly contributing to them I am almost convinced that if they are playing a part it is in fact very minor, the only contributing factor being the profile of the rear tyre.

The rear tyre with its tourer profile as it sits at the moment and having dropped to 40psi (35psi in the front is what I settled with having firstly tried 36 then lowered to 33 and 34 in that order) looks more like a car tyre in its shape, in so much as it appears to be very flat across its profile with only very short shoulders down to the sidewalls, so whilst it is a 55 profile you are not getting that immediately but progessively roll from upright and centre over to the edge of the tyre, you are getting what at most times can actually feel like a very neutral roll and then a tipping point like you get when you have a squared off tyre, that at times has been felt when I have pushed the bike hard and I have had to be far more delicate from that point onwards as the steering response is practically instant.

It hasn't ruined the ride and it was something that I envisaged happening purely because it is what I normally expect when a tyre starts to square anyway but In combination with some issue with suspension chatter it has made for a few interesting rides recently.

Today with some tweaking of the suspension the chatter seems to have gone, the ride certainly feeling a little more planted mid way through the corner to the exit and the rear end has been working a little better in that respect too with no traction issues today either.

So back to the tyre pressures, I had hoped that with the Summer coming that the pressures could be lowered but the rear profile at 40psi is about as low as I would go now, purely due to the shape of the tyre and me weighing around 90kg with my kit on, the front on 35psi feels extremely stable and wasn't overheating at all even with some heavy braking and some lengthy runs with plenty of corners.

I am waiting to switch back to my Super Corsas that have got a little bit of life left in them and will do in the very near future and I hope in doing so that once they are done I can throw these back on then have an up to date look at how they have compared on the same bike in similar weather.

As far as tyres go and for everything that has been thrown at them so far they still get a thumbs up, if someone said to me that these were going to be the only tyres that I would be able to use from now on then I wouldn't be disappointed but given the choice then I would undoubtedly be looking to use the M7RR's for their sports profile or very possibly the Racetec RR's if I was looking for a track based tyre that worked on the road too in the Summer.

Super Corsa's are a little last year now.

5th June 2016, 08:36 PM
Brilliant write up, thank you for taking the time to keep the forum updated with these tyres, has really helped me.

5th June 2016, 08:57 PM
Superb post again Mick :).

5th June 2016, 09:19 PM
Awesome stuff Mick.
There were 2 sets of these handed out, Soof, who was the other? Would be good to get another opinion!

5th June 2016, 09:21 PM
Kev, he's doing a trip this month.......

28th June 2016, 04:01 PM
Last update for a while on these tyres as unfortunately I picked up a puncture in the rear on Saturday and made the decision to switch back to Supercorsas seeing as I had a set with a bit of life left in them, the intention is however that having had the tyre plugged (professionally and the small screw was in the perfect place for plugging too before people start sucking through their teeth about the cost of a tyre! :D ) that I will throw them back on once the Supercorsas are done or at the end of Summer depending on which comes first.

So back to the tyres,

After a few local blasts and a 320 mile jolly across to Portpatrick and back from the Edinburgh area I have now managed to rack up just touching 3000 miles since having them fitted a few months ago.

I have been fortunate that for the most part the last 650 odd miles since my last update have all been pretty good weather, the last run down to Portpatrick having been especially good weather and along with the company I was riding with it also gave me a chance to push them a bit particularly as they were all riding S1000RR's.

It would be difficult to try to add anything of any real substance that is going to further highlight how well these tyres actually work across the whole range of weather that you would normally expect in this country and even in the Summer in Scotland :D

I had been having a few issues with suspension recently which I have almost cured on the front end but in an effort to try and fine tune a bit of feeling back into the front I decided to go back to 35 front and 42 rear for the ride down to Portpatrick as I was a little concerned that the shape of the rear tyre being such a flat profile was causing too much of nervous feel on the front at a point where I would generally want a little more lean into a corner, I had suspected that the profile was causing the bike to handle like it had a squared off rear tyre and putting the rear back to 42 did help a little as far as helping the tyre maintain some shape.

For almost all of the run I kept the bike in Race mode rather than Slick and I only had 3 moments where the traction control kicked in and as per every other time the tyres had behaved extremely well particularly in some of the tastier corners where getting on the power a bit early was relatively safe to do so without too much risk of things going pear shaped.

Braking and corner entry particularly on some of the tighter corners was also consistent with what I had experienced on other rides with there being plenty of confidence to be had from the front end under relatively hard braking, putting the bike into a corner aggressively I was never worried about a sudden direction change upsetting the tyre and in truth the front end has always felt like it could handle far more than I was prepared to throw at it.

In terms of wear and with the tyres now off the bike the front looks like it could do another 6000 miles of the same sort of riding without any issues whatsoever, the rear is getting a little low in the centre which is to be expected from heavy acceleration but the business part of the tyre on the shoulders whilst looking well used does look like it's still got another 3000 in it too!

Again, with the tyre off the bike the rear now resembles a 190/55/17 car tyre and looks completely flat in comparison to the Supercorsa that is now fitted.

So a bit of a summary to what could be the end of review for some time now:

If you are an all weather rider that is looking for the best bang for buck (read mileage out of your tyres) whilst still offering excellent performance in both wet and dry then these really are worth having a look at it.

If you are a fast road rider that is clogging it on down your favourite roads at a rapid pace who then finds it raining round the next corner and is then faced with a ruined ride due to being on super sticky tyres that simply do not like the rain, then these are the tyres for you (although I suspect the M7RR's will tip the balance further there).

If you are a rider that is looking for razor sharp handling and only rides in the warm weather then I would imagine you are still going to look at the Racetec RR K3's particularly given the more sports orientated profile which is going to compliment the bike better.

Hope anyone reading the reviews have found them useful, they have been written in an as objective manner as possible and I have enjoyed using the tyres which have given me nothing but confidence in some particularly awful wet weather and some fantastic fast road rides in blazing sunshine.

28th June 2016, 04:23 PM
Mick, thanks for your review, it really is outstanding. You are without doubt a huge credit to the forum and Metzeler will be delighted you have given such a good honest review. Thank you.