View Full Version : metzler m7rr's vs sporttec m5 interact

14th July 2018, 01:55 PM
hay guys

what's you views n the new tyre from Meltzer the sport tec m5 interact do you think its better than the m7rr's

14th July 2018, 03:28 PM
Depends on what you intend to do with your S1000RR, if you're just going to potter about on it (a total waste) then a more touring oriented tyre will be fine and I guess the M5 would meet that brief, the M7RR is a good all round tyre that will last well and is good enough for track days - hence why it's a popular choice

14th July 2018, 03:32 PM
I assume this isn't the old Interact M5? Its been replaced??

- Alex

14th July 2018, 06:10 PM
Alex I haven’t got a clue as I was looking at tyres and see the sport tec m5 interact