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  • Ukbmw's Avatar
    25th November 2018, 10:09 AM
    After speaking to a suspension specialist i was asked is my DDC even working. Im not sure. Personally im not convinced its working at all. So my...
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  • stuartb's Avatar
    11th November 2018, 10:51 AM
    stuartb started a thread Macau GP in Racing & Pit Lane
    Not sure this entry list will display OK. I see McGuiness is racing a Ducati, Danny Webb also in there along with the usual Road Jockeys. Next...
    55 replies | 1917 view(s)
  • Monners's Avatar
    12th November 2018, 12:41 AM Little vid from this weeks adventures in Portugal. I'm recovering form a pretty big crash racing at Cadwell a few...
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  • CMD6319's Avatar
    13th November 2018, 11:48 PM
    Ok. I know i don't have much mechanical knowledge, but i know i need to install the locking washer on the front sprocket. My problem is, the washer...
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  • CJK's Avatar
    13th November 2018, 05:41 PM
    CJK started a thread Winter Use in S1000rr Garage
    Just wondering how many people are still using there bikes? I'm going to try and rack up as many miles as possible over the bad months (within reason...
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  • Wull's Avatar
    12th November 2018, 09:11 AM
    Wull started a thread Could be...... in General Bike Chat
    Going to the dark side! Or is that red side? Went and viewed a Panigale 1299s on Saturday and had to have it, will know for sure tomorrow...
    17 replies | 560 view(s)
  • JoePeps's Avatar
    3rd December 2018, 11:20 PM
    I've got my first Euro event booked for the start of March next year and I'm completely buzzing for it! It's probably a little early but I want to...
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  • JoePeps's Avatar
    3rd December 2018, 11:13 PM
    Anyone used these on their bike? Got chatting to a bloke from Dunlop at the NEC and he said (obviously!) that these should be the tyres for me. I do...
    16 replies | 354 view(s)
  • stuartb's Avatar
    18th November 2018, 09:24 PM
    Matt posted this up tonight, excellent explanations and whiteboard drawings as usual. Sent from my SM-G935F...
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  • 7 CDB's Avatar
    23rd November 2018, 03:40 PM
    Hello, Iím sure this could open a can of worms.....but after deciding to keep my Gen 3 I can spend some money on toys. 1st job is removing stock...
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  • imperialblue63's Avatar
    19th November 2018, 07:07 PM
    hi all can anyone help with this just got back from motorcycle live and not sure wether someone has nicked something of my s1000rr was fitting some...
    16 replies | 370 view(s)
  • Vengeance's Avatar
    25th November 2018, 07:29 AM
    She finally arrived yesterday , brand new 2018 BMW S1000RR Sport in Motorsport colours , Dealer confirmed my S1000RR is an fresh factory build of the...
    12 replies | 536 view(s)
  • Wull's Avatar
    18th November 2018, 09:28 AM
    Wull started a thread GoPro issues in General Discussion
    Iím wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Last outing at Knockhill I came in and the camera was off, but strange but didnít think...
    16 replies | 386 view(s)
  • Monners's Avatar
    12th November 2018, 12:38 PM
    Monners started a thread Monners Gen 3 in S1000rr Garage
    Thought I should stick up a build thread as I've got bunch of plans with the bike and been using it lately. I bought it new in 2015 as a 'practical...
    13 replies | 558 view(s)
  • Groot's Avatar
    15th November 2018, 08:15 PM
    Evening, Can anyone recommend a radar detector that sits on the dash for as many detection options as possible please? Iíve a 2010 s1000rr. ...
    13 replies | 411 view(s)
  • Nevsrevs's Avatar
    26th November 2018, 06:32 PM
    Hi, has anyone fitted a HM Quickshifter assembly to their S1000RR? I have just received one today only to realise that when they bang on about...
    13 replies | 404 view(s)
  • GixxerChuck's Avatar
    29th November 2018, 12:17 AM
    I've got the Akra gp style can with the 2 pipes. Akra headers are 730 Arrow headers are 666. Will it make a difference which ones I go for?...
    11 replies | 307 view(s)
  • Huge's Avatar
    14th November 2018, 11:19 PM
    Huge started a thread Short lay ups in S1000rr Garage
    Iím gonna be having 7-14 days between rides this winter. Should I pop her up on front and back stands? Sheís wearing Road5ís at the mo. Cheers, H
    9 replies | 382 view(s)
  • Chris b's Avatar
    25th November 2018, 12:17 PM
    Chris b started a thread Gs 911 wanted in S1000rr Garage
    As title, Iím feed up with my service light on, has anyone got one for sale? (2015 bike) cheers chris
    12 replies | 344 view(s)
  • Cr500kev's Avatar
    16th November 2018, 10:35 PM
    Cr500kev started a thread Tyco bmw in S1000rr Garage
    Just seen this posted on the net. Get your cash out lads
    10 replies | 532 view(s)
  • rab's Avatar
    8th December 2018, 08:53 PM
    rab started a thread new steed today in SHOWROOM
    new bike :fat: should get it next week
    12 replies | 202 view(s)
  • stuartb's Avatar
    29th November 2018, 12:00 AM
    I'm seriously considering this... If It fits as good as my Bell Carbon M6 it's a pure winner...looks fantastic.. Alex had his eye on one too. I...
    11 replies | 318 view(s)
  • stuartb's Avatar
    11th November 2018, 08:03 AM
    Handy guide if you ever wondered how that weird engine configuration works that you just read about. The Mechanical Movements link on the RHS may...
    12 replies | 395 view(s)
  • ToddyRR's Avatar
    28th November 2018, 05:27 PM
    ToddyRR started a thread New from aus in WELCOME AREA
    Gday to all, from queensland australia here and just quickly saying hello to activate my account. Just got a brand new 18 s1000rr all black. Will...
    9 replies | 187 view(s)
  • Huge's Avatar
    11th November 2018, 08:35 PM
    I bet everyone on here has a similar connection. This is mine. We've all either known, been, or perhaps raised, a 17 year old boy. Check the...
    11 replies | 378 view(s)
  • rab's Avatar
    18th November 2018, 09:50 PM
    9 replies | 277 view(s)
  • stuartb's Avatar
    24th November 2018, 11:24 PM
    So our the DUnit night out .... Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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  • Cr500kev's Avatar
    26th November 2018, 02:17 PM
    Cr500kev started a thread Brake pads in S1000rr Garage
    I have noticed itís time to change front brake pads do you know what make model the pads are what they put on these bikes from new. Mine has the...
    8 replies | 280 view(s)
  • Ukbmw's Avatar
    25th November 2018, 09:35 AM
    Ukbmw started a thread Forum problem in Forum Ideas
    If i click on the 3 little dots at the top right of the page that takes me to a menu. But both the profile and messages buttons dont work. Both of...
    10 replies | 236 view(s)
  • HongKongPhooey's Avatar
    4th December 2018, 07:13 PM
    Hi All, Been a while since Iíve visited and am looking to return to the fold. Iím after a gen 3 and have been pointed/found one for sale at a...
    8 replies | 206 view(s)
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